You’ve been selected to give a TEDx Talk. Congrats! You’re doing great so far. Now what?  Here are some do’s and don’ts from TEDx to prepare:

Speaker Guide

Illustrated Speaker Guide

Your talk would be filmed and an edit will be hosted on the TEDx YouTube channel. * Just as with all speakers, we would work together ahead of time to craft the talk. * Your talk could be anywhere between 7 – 18 minutes, on any themes or topics you’re interested in. * Presenters may not be paid for their talk. * No podium. * All talks will be video recorded and uploaded to the TEDx YouTube channel for global viewing. 

* Presenters must have copyright ownership of any images or video included in their talk. If you use an image under a Creative Commons license, cite the source at the bottom of the slide. 

What we are looking for in a talk in our studio: “An Idea”: 

– that addresses a topic of acute interest to our audience or a pressing challenge in our community. – Remember you are sharing an idea not an issue.
– where the story telling takes the listener from one way of seeing things to a new way of seeing the same things.
– that’s presented is an idea we have not heard before at TEDxLakeSuccessStudio. 
– that is radically new – that exposes us to cutting-edge research, technology or design 
– that showcases new approaches to abiding problems – that challenges our conceptions about what is possible 
– that was founded in proven data or experience and has a broader application than just to the speaker’s life or situation. 

What we are NOT looking for: 
– motivational speakers 
– Promotional speakers 
– Talks based on pseudoscience